Fibreglass Roof in Dukinfield

Fibreglass Roof in DukinfieldWe specialise in fitting an exceptionally good quality fibreglass roof in Dukinfield that is an affordable and durable way of covering a flat roof or a bow window. This form of roofing is probably one of the most economical and weatherproof ways of roofing. The only way water can get through this roofing is if a hole is made in the fibreglass. As this is highly unlikely the roof should stay weatherproof for many years. One of the benefits of fibreglass is that is a soft material that can be formed into corners and up walls before the resin is applied. Our GRP roofing comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee but has the potential to last much longer with no maintenance needed.

When you need a weatherproof covering in Dukinfield, fibreglass roof material can be economical and will never corrode.  This fibreglass material is usually fitted over a good quality plywood sheet and protects the wood as well as ensures a good waterproof finish.  It has many uses as it is lightweight and is installed by using a fibreglass fabric which is then saturated with resin. This dries to a rock hard finish and is used in the boat building industry as well as in construction. Fibreglass is completely waterproof and dries quickly.  It can be used as a permanent solution to a leak over bay windows.  These have a tendency to leak at the edges and can be a problem.

We can stop leaks from starting with a fibreglass roof in Dukinfield.  Contact DM4 Roofing today and have one of our expert roofers visit your home and offer you advice on the most cost-effective method of preventing leaks on your flat roof.  Where you have a flat roof that is giving you problems we can often cover it in fibreglass and stop all the leaks.  In extreme cases where the timber frame of the roof has rotted through we may need to replace the timber frame before we can weatherproof it with GRP material. With our many years of experience, we are one of the leading roofing specialists in our area.