Fibreglass Roof in Prestwich

Fibreglass Roof in PrestwichWhen you need a company to install a fibreglass roof in Prestwich, DM4 Roofing is at your service. Installing a fibreglass roof is usually done by covering a timber frame with GRP. This is glass fibre covered with resin.  The same technique is used to build boats and is permanently waterproof. The only way water can get through this roofing is if a hole is made in the fibreglass. As this is highly unlikely the roof should stay weatherproof for many years. One of the benefits of fibreglass is that is a soft material that can be formed into corners and up walls before the resin is applied. Many of the flat roofs are covers over bay or bow windows where a light and weatherproof topping is required. Our GRP roofing comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee but has the potential to last much longer with no maintenance needed.

If you need a top quality roofing specialist, give us a ring. In Prestwich, a fibreglass roof is lighter and more durable than many other methods.  A flat roof is probably one of the quickest roofs to erect but it is not suitable for all applications. If the roof is too big it may have to deal with stresses and strains it was not designed for and another flat roof material needs to be used. Our expert roofing team will be able to assess the roof and will give you the best advice to ensure a successful weatherproof roof that will last.

If you have a leaking flat roof a fibreglass roof in Prestwich will fix the problem. Contact DM4 Roofing today for a free quotation. We cater for both domestic and commercial roofing repairs and no project is too big or too small for our company. Our roofing craftsmen have many years of experience in weatherproofing all types of roofs, pitched as well as flat. We also specialise in roof repairs of all types. With tiled roofs, it may be a small problem of a cracked tile that needs replacing. The same problem can occur with slate roofs. We will choose a tile or slate that matches your roof and replace it quickly.