Fibreglass Roof in Rusholme

Fibreglass Roof in RusholmeWhat, you may ask, is so special about a fibreglass roof in Rusholme? Here at DM4 Roofing, we are happy to explain the benefits. If you are thinking you need a new roof and are considering fibreglass, we can answer all your questions and provide a free cost estimate. Fibreglass roofing has been continuing to gain in popularity as more people discover the longevity of fibreglass roof tiles and GRP fibreglass for flat roofs. Fibreglass for all roofs is lighter so there is less weight on the structure. Our focus here is primarily flat roofs because so many of our customers have chosen this roofing material for their garages and porch roofs as well as the flat roof for their homes. Commercial building owners have also come to appreciate the benefits of fibreglass roofing since a large percentage of them operate from flat roofed buildings.

Fibreglass roofing systems are renowned for their strength and longevity. In Rusholme, fibreglass roofs can last up to forty years. The climate and amount of foot traffic will impact the longevity but you can likely count on a minimum of 25 years under ordinary circumstances. Because fibreglass roofs are lightweight they are ideal for rooftop gardens or “green roofs”. The structure can handle the additional weight of the soil since the fibreglass is lightweight. Fibreglass roofs look great and where there are multiple levels of flat roof, the continuity is preserved. The reason a fibreglass roof looks great is because it’s seamless. It goes on in a liquid form with a continuous pour. Still, if your roof sustains damage from storms, fibreglass roofs are very easy to repair.

An additional feature of a fibreglass roof in Rusholme is aesthetic. You can choose from a broad range of colours to compliment the building or the surroundings. Ultimately, the quality, appearance and durability is determined by the material used but also by the experience and professionalism of the roofing contractor team. Fibreglass roofing materials and DM4 Roofing is a perfect match for maximum quality for the money. Our local reputation speaks for our honesty and qualifications. Contact DM4 Roofing Company for inspections, new roofs, repairs and fibreglass roof information. Estimates are free and we’ll beat anyone’s price like for like.