Fibreglass Roof in Salford

Fibreglass Roof in SalfordA fibreglass roof in Salford can be extremely affordable and very durable. It is normally applied over a good quality plywood board. This makes the board waterproof. It is usually used on flat roofs which can be a problem to seal efficiently and some often leak. With the fibreglass roof the material and resin can be used to get into cracks and corners and will seal the whole roof. Trims are often installed to ensure the water is kept out. The durability and lightweight properties of the material make it the ideal construction material for many smaller applications like waterproofing above a bay window or over a flat roof extension to your home.

When the winter storms strike you want to be sure your roof will keep your home warm and dry. In Salford, fibreglass roof structures can be fitted quickly and as the material is also used in making boats, will keep you home from developing leaks. Our prices are modest and we will beat any like for like quotation for the repair or refit of your roof. Our free no obligation quote comes with photos of the roof and a description of the problem with various solutions so that you can choose the one that best suits your pocket. Our dedicated and expert team have many years of experience dealing with all types of roofing problems in tiles, slates and all kinds of flat roofs.

We are one of the most trusted and experienced fibreglass roofing companies in Salford. The first storms of the season have already arrived and if you have spotted a leak in your roof it is time to call us before it becomes a problem. With tiled roofs it may be a small problem of a cracked tile that needs replacing. The same problem can occur with slate roofs. We will choose a tile or slate that matches your roof and replace it quickly. Contact DM4 Roofing today to make sure your roof is sound for this winter. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are known for being honest and offering you a number of options to weatherproof your home.