Fibreglass Roof in Salford

Fibreglass Roof in SalfordIf you are comparing quotes for a fibreglass roof in Salford, we can save you some time. We won’t be beaten on price. That won’t matter until you have checked us out and find that we are a long established company with an excellent reputation for quality and professionalism. We work to a high standard and when we’re finished your fibreglass roof will last without any appreciable signs of wear for 30+ years. A maintenance check for damage from the elements occasionally, especially after strong storms, is all that’s needed. We can make the repairs so your roof is like new if weather damage does occur. It would take a serious storm to cause damage.

Timing is everything including when installing a fibreglass roof, also known as GRP for Glass reinforced plastic roofing. In Salford, fiberglass roof product GRP is made from glass fibre reinforced polyester resin. It great lightweight stuff which makes it easier on us and it’s durable but conditions for installation must be right. The wood decking must be dry and a minimum outdoor temperature of 5°C or above. Stable weather conditions before and after installation is what we want. Then, we can usually complete a roof tear off and new installation in one day. So we don’t need a huge window of stable dry weather but a three-day stretch is good. We finish with a top coat the same day once the GRP is partly cured. When we do the trims, you’ll be glad our DM4 Roofing staff is on the job because their skilled and conscientious hands will seal it tight and smooth.

It will take a few days for a fibreglass roof in Salford to fully cure. After that, use it as a deck, a garden spot or just a really nice looking roof. If you use it for watching the sunset with cocktails, the roof can be cleaned with mild soap and water; no strong chemicals. A flat roof that does double duty like one of fibreglass is an excellent investment. Contact DM4 Roofing and find out more about our fibreglass roofs. We’re local and in the neighbourhood ready to offer you the best value for your money.