Fibreglass Roof in Salford

Fibreglass Roof in SalfordA fibreglass roof in Salford is economical and durable. The roof is formed by laying a thin laminated timber sheet over a timber frame.  The GRP or fibreglass is then laid on the timber sheet and resin is applied.  This will create a perfectly serviceable roof that will last for many years with little maintenance. It is light and completely weatherproof leaving you a maintenance free leak proof roof that is extremely hard wearing and non corrosive and even has the potential to outlast the structure it is designed to protect. As it is used in building pools water has absolutely no effect on GRP roofs.

When you need a flat roof on a house or a shed or a patio then a fibreglass roof is ideal. In Salford, a fibreglass roof is light and easily installed. The sheets of fibreglass are very thin fabric like material and are bonded to the timber roof with resin.  This material dries quickly and can be bent up to cover walls and corners where other materials can allow water to permeate. Our fibreglass roof comes with a 20-year manufacturers guarantee but will almost definitely last far longer. As the resin is applied in a liquid form it soaks into the fibreglass fabric and renders it impermeable to the elements. As this kind of roof is so very light weight it is suited to many applications where a weighty roof is just not suitable. This is one of the most cost effective roofs available.

A fibreglass roof in Salford is quickly erected by our professional roofers. We take great pride in making sure that our products are of the highest quality. Contact DM4 Roofing today and let us supply and erect your new roof. We have many years of experience in dealing with all kinds of roofing problems and are now considered experts at the roofing services we offer. Our team can locate and repair leaks in a flash using economical materials that will suit your budget.