Fibreglass Roof in Stockport

Fibreglass Roof in StockportIf you only want to do it once, then fibreglass roof in Stockport is the flat roofing material to use. These roofs will last thirty to forty years without signs of wear or deterioration. That’s assuming the installation is performed by professionals. We specialise in fibreglass roofs. While it’s not difficult to work with this material, attention to the details of sealing the edges and corners is critical for keeping water out. Our team of professionals has plenty of experience with fibreglass roof installation and pride in a job well done. We do it right and when we finish you won’t find a prettier flat roof.

Fibreglass flat roofing costs a little more initially but last longer and is maintenance free. For domestic residential customers in Stockport, fibreglass roof on your garage or sunroom would likely never need redoing for as long as you live in the house. It’s an attractive addition to your home’s appearance and versatile too. We can make it slip proof if you want to use it as a leisure deck and it’s available in colours. Commercial factories and warehouses will find fibreglass a wise choice because it’s a once and done for forty years. You will have a lot of building and mechanical maintenance and repairs over the years but the roof won’t be one of them. The roof is not susceptible to the elements and once we know the pitch is right, water puddling will not cause leaking.

The finish work on a fibreglass roof in Stockport might include sealing around roof windows, chimneys or HVAC units. These are the places that you will usually discover the first sign of leaking and damage. No worries with DM Roofing team on the the job. We fit all that in first and seal it off before applying the fibreglass resin. No water is going to break through seals. Contact DM Roofing and we will come to your home or business and prepare a free estimate for you. If you think you need a new roof we will inspect your current roof and take photos for you to see of damaged areas. The price will be right because we promise to beat any previous quote you have. We are best at what we do and it’s intentional.