Flat Roof in Gorton

Flat Roof in GortonFor your flat roof in Gorton, use the services of the specialists, DM4 Roofing. You expect to see flat roofs on large factories or warehouse buildings but we’ve been seeing some renewed interest in flat roofs for residential homes. Perhaps you’re rehabbing a flat roof house and thinking about replacing it with a pitched roof. If you’re building new and trying to keep all your costs to a minimum, the contractor may recommend a flat roof. Some will tell you they don’t last as long as a pitched but we disagree. The flat roofs we install as part of the whole roofing system with gutters and downspouts are long lasting. If the house is on a small garden lot, flat roofs offer useful space because you can walk on them.

Now flat roofs are not really flat. In Gorton, flat roof still has a slight slope essential to proper drainage. Still, you can walk on the roof comfortably and that makes inspecting it and maintaining it easier. In fact, if a homeowner wants solar panels to save energy, the flat roof is a better location than the garden. Did you ever wonder why air conditioning units are always placed right next to your deck? Or worse yet, under your bedroom window? You can bet it was easier for the contractor wherever the compressor was placed. If you had a flat roof, you could put yours on the roof and not have the noisy unit right next to your easy chair.

Homes with a flat roof in Gorton is becoming increasingly popular. Using a flat roof as a garden or gathering place is nothing new; it’s just being rediscovered for its versatility, space savings and economical cost. Not everyone who builds a house with a flat roof builds in a full attic space. But those who do find that space easy to finish off into useful living square footage because the walls aren’t sloped. If you are considering installing a flat roof, contact DM4 Roofing. Flat roofs don’t have to look plain like warehouse roofs. Decorative railings add a nice touch or if that’s just too cute, then attractive safety railings can be installed.