Flat Roof in Harpurhey

Flat Roof in HarpurheyYou may want a flat roof in Harpurhey if you have a new extension to your home. This is often the most cost effective option. If it is correctly fitted it should provide many years of trouble free service. Unfortunately many flat roofs develop problems when not fitted by a professional. They many have spots where puddles can form and with the heating and cooling of the roof it may penetrate and start to rot the wood. This may necessitate a replacement of the frame of the roof as well as the waterproof top. We may, in some cases, be able to repair the roof thereby saving money if the problem is caught early.

Roofing is a specialised business and although it may appear to be simple can be extremely complicated. In Harpurhey, flat roof installation needs to be undertaken with meticulous attention to detail. This would include the slight angle of the roof to enable rainwater to flow to the guttering. It is also important to choose the right material to waterproof the roof. It is imperative to make sure that the corners of the roof and any joints are well coated. Leaks will often start where the flat roof meets the wall of the adjacent building. We are able to repair this type of problem relatively easily if caught in time.

We can supply a waterproof flat roof in Harpurhey. Contact DM4 Roofing today and our team will visit your property to assess the situation. We pride ourselves on our honesty and impartial advice. We inform our customers of the problem and the options available. There are often no quick fix solutions but we are happy to take on a challenge. We photograph your roof so that we can discuss the issues and so that you can make an informed decision.  If your roof is in need of a renewal we will promise to beat or compete with any price you may have received. Our free no obligation quotation will detail the work on the project so that our customers know what to expect.