Flat Roof in Levenshulme

Flat Roof in LevenshulmeWhen you need a flat roof in Levenshulme, we are known as the company to call. We know just the right materials to use so that your flat roof does not leak. Many people try to do it themselves but there is an art to preventing a flat roof from leaking. We use many different materials for installing a flat roof as not one material will fit all requirements. We use timber and GRP or glass reinforced plastic which is a material made from polyester resin. This is reinforced with chopped strand mat glass fibres to form a GRP laminate. This is a very versatile material and is used to make boats so it is perfect for keeping the rain out of your building.

GRP was invented in 1938 and was originally used on boats and water containers. In Levenshulme, flat roof repairs or a completely new flat roof installation will often be made with GRP. The material is light and is usually place on top of a light wooden board. This gives the GRP structural integrity and allows us to place the material on a firm foundation. One of the benefits of using GRP is that GRP can be moulded into the corners of the roof where most leaks occur. The material is flexible and very light weight but also durable and strong.

We will build a flat room in Levenshulme on any part of your structure. Contact DM4 Roofing today or make an appointment with one of our team to visit your property to assess the situation. We take great pride in offering the most honest assessment of your problem. If we feel we can offer you a cost effective repair we will not suggest that you fit a new roof.  There is no problem that we cannot fix on any type of roof, be it flat or pitched. Our team will take pictures of the roof and explain where the problem lies and what we feel the best solution will be.