Flat Roof in Stockport

Flat Roof in Stockport When you have your flat roof in Stockport inspected and the roofer says you need a new roof and right now, do you feel anxious and uncertain? Has he insinuated that your roof may fall in if you don’t sign his proposed agreement today? Take a deep breath and tell him you will take his proposal under advisement and call him with your answer. Don’t sign the agreement when your senses tell you something is off. Call DM4 Roofing and give us an opportunity to examine your roof. It never hurts to get a second opinion and it costs nothing. At DM4 Roofing, we are well known for our reputation for honesty and integrity. We don’t have to use scare tactics to operate a successful business.

Often a flat roof repair is possible and will extend the life of your roof. When we get harsh weather in Stockport, flat roof damage can occur. That is why scheduled roof inspections are important as well as after severe weather. We have a better chance of making the repair if we catch it right away. A small crack is easier and less expensive to repair before it becomes larger. Both are less expensive than a new roof. You can climb up on the roof with us for an inspection and we will point out areas of possible concern. You can see weakness and damage to your roof yourself. You don’t have to make that climb if you don’t want to. We will take photos of any damage so you know exactly why we are recommending repairs or replacement.

The time comes when a flat roof in Stockport needs to be replaced. We will take the time to show you why repairs are not the cost effective choice when that time comes. Call us for a quote and we will show you how we undertake flat roof replacement to guarantee it will last. We strip the roof to bare wood. If any of the wood is water damaged, we replace that and then check that the pitch is right before we add our three layers for your new roof. One thing we do to finish up that helps your roof last longer is coat the roof area with solar reflective paint. Using this process we have found that your new flat roof can go as long as 15 years without repairs.