Flat Roof in Worsley

Flat Roof in WorsleyYour flat roof in Worsley may be in need of attention if it’s older than fifteen years. Even if you have noticed no leaks, the roof should be checked for damage that could soon lead to leaks. Years of expansion and contraction leads to cracks and indentations allowing moisture to seep through or puddle up. Hot seasons dry out the bitumen causing deterioration and storms fling all manner of debris onto the roof, sometimes resulting damage. DM4 Roofing is experienced in many roofing and roofing systems including guttering, soffits and fascia. Often we can extend the life of your roof with strategic repairs, quality products and skilled technicians. No matter the age of your roof, an annual check for potential trouble spots will often save you from the unpleasant surprise of a heavily damaged roof.

At DM4 Roofing, we are flat roof specialists. If in Worsley, flat roof damage is beyond repair you can count on us for an enduring roof replacement. We don’t replace in bits in pieces. We begin with a complete tear-off of the old roof down to the rafters and disposal of all the debris. We test the pitch of your roof and make adjustments so water freely drains from your flat roof. While the rafters are bare, we have the chance to check for moisture damage. That damage must be corrected before a new roof goes on to prevent further damage or mould build up in your home. Once we’re satisfied with the rafters, we begin with the three layer process we use for complete roof replacements. There’s no skimping because we value our reputation too much to cut corners.

One of the best protections for your new flat roof in Worsley is the finish layer of solar reflective paint. It protects your roof from environmental damage longer. Guttering, end caps, soffits and fascia add the final seal that protects your belongings from damage for many years to come. Even with a new roof, don’t neglect calling us for an annual roof inspection so we can spot and repair potential damage before it becomes a threat to the integrity of your roof. Call us at DM4 Roofing. Our estimates are free and all work is based on high standards of product and workmanship. You find our prices competitive; we won’t be beaten on price by anybody. Maybe you would like a roof window to brighten up your home. We can do that for you too and guarantee it, just as we guarantee all our work.