Flat Roof Repair in Ardwick

Flat Roof Repair in ArdwickIf your roof’s leaking, cracked or showing signs of wear, get flat roof repair in Ardwick from the specialists. At DM4 Roofing we pride ourselves on being Manchester’s most trusted roofing company. Our USP is quality workmanship, combined with cost-effective solutions and our friendly, customer-centric approach. Being a local business, we provide timely, customised services coupled with the best of international technology, expertise, modern materials and trends. Unlike many other companies, we don’t believe that we have to use alarmist tactics to garner business. We give you a frank, genuine and comprehensive evaluation of your roofing problems, present the available options and leave the rest to you. You can make the most informed and appropriate choice, based on your needs, preferences and budget.

If you live in Ardwick, flat roof repair becomes necessary over a period of time. The roofing materials deteriorate, get damaged and allow water to seep through. This can damage the panels below and ultimately pose a hazard to the structure, your health and the contents of the building. Warm weather tends to expand roofing materials, while cold weather contracts them. This is a continuous cycle and over the years, the materials become weaker and suffer cracks and breakage. In case the problems have been identified early on, we can repair these cracks by sealing them with bitumen. Torch-on flat roofing consists of two layers of asphalt that are applied with the help of a torch. This roof is resistant to UV rays and moisture. We can repair these roofs by torching on layers of felt patches to combat water penetration and dampness. The next step is to apply a coating of solar reflective paint. This protects your flat roof in all types of weather, warm or cold. Our expert, experienced technicians can provide the right advice.

In certain cases, if the problem was not identified in time, you may need a complete refurbishment for flat roof repair in Ardwick. If the damage is extensive, our roofers can install a new roof with minimum inconvenience, at affordable rates. If you need flat roof repair, don’t hesitate to contact us. Most of our business comes via recommendations from satisfied and loyal customers.