Flat Roof Repair in Bramhall

Flat Roof Repair in BramhallLook for a company that specialises in flat roof repairs in Bramhall if you have noticed that your roof is damaged.  A flat roof is one of the most affordable types of roofs but if not correctly installed can need repairs. There are many small problems that can cause a flat roof to leak. One of these is the pitch of the roof. Although it is classed as a flat roof it must still have a slight pitch to allow water to run off. If there is no pitch the water will collect in pools on the roof and stagnate. These pools can ultimately find ways to seep into the timber frame and cause rotting of the wood.

You need a competent and experienced roofer in Bramhall for flat roof repairs. When we examine a flat roof that needs repair we first check to see where it is leaking and what damage has been done to the existing roofing structure.  If the leak is caught early there may be no need to replace the timber. This repair will then entail only sealing of the roof. We have a number of different methods of sealing a flat roof effectively. One of the most effective is to use a layer of glass fibre and resin. This is used in boat building and can be moulded into corners and is completely waterproof.

One of our specialities is flat roof repair in Bramhall. If you would like a quotation for flat roof repair, contact DM4 Roofing today.  We believe in offering an honest appraisal of the roofing problem and will not quote you for work that is not needed. We will discuss the various options with you and give you our honest opinion. We will take on even the most challenging project and take pictures of the faults so that we can point out the repairs that are necessary. Our free, no obligation quotation will favourably compete with any you received from a reputable roofing company. We have many years of experience in the roofing business and are considered to be roofing specialists.