Flat Roof Repair in Salford

Flat Roof Repair in SalfordWhen DM4 Roofing undertakes your flat roof repair in Salford, our goal is to make a lasting repair that extends the life and function of your roof. We could, as some do, patch where the leak is and be done but that is a short-lived fix. That process might need to be repeated frequently which could be more costly than an overall inspection and repair. If a severe storm leads to roof damage resulting in a leak, we will thoroughly inspect the whole roof to make sure there are no other trouble spots.  You don’t have to take our word for the condition of your roof because we’re glad to show you the damage. If going up on the roof is not possible, that’s okay; we photograph and document any areas needing attention.

Flat roofs take a beating from Mother Nature all year long. You can expect, in Salford, flat roof repair by our experienced roofers to add many years to the life of your roof if caught soon enough. Even areas already allowing water damage can be repaired if the rest of the roof is in good condition. We take that damaged section down to the rafters to make sure there is no rotted or water damaged wood. All cracks are sealed and we finish up with a protective solar reflective paint over the whole surface of the roof. In fact, if you want the longest life out of your roof, let us come out annually and recoat your roof with this paint. It is very effective as a barrier against the elements.

When you need a flat roof repair in Salford or just a roof inspection and minor maintenance, contact DM4 Roofing. Check around and you will find we have a well established reputation for skill, customer service, honesty and fair pricing for all our services. You can call us in an emergency for a quick response and repair after damaging wind storms have blown through leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. Have a look at some of the work we’ve done. We are flat roof specialists which means we are dedicated to our niche in the roofing industry. When we finish your flat roof repair or replacement, your roof looks good which makes the whole property look better.