Flat Roof Repair in Stockport

Flat Roof Repair in StockportFlat roof repair in Stockport begins with our DM4 Roofing team locating the cause of the damage. If there’s a leak we need to know the source. Flat roof damage repair depends on how old the roof is, if it was constructed properly and the materials from which it was constructed. Once we get our answers to those questions, we can give you a quote for repairs, information on the materials we think are best and the anticipated life expectancy of your repaired roof. If it’s been patch and patched again but all the patches are holding and we don’t find potential leaks at the joints, we can lay a new waterproof layer over the whole roof. That will make your roof more attractive and extend the life of your roof by years.

At DM4 Roofing, we install new roofs, pitched and flat but we won’t rush you into a new roof if repairs will buy you some time. In Stockport, flat roof repair can add years to the life of your roof if it’s done right. When our team of professionals take on your roof, we consider it a challenge we intend to win. We’ll find the pin holes others missed, but the water found. Those big blisters are not proof a new roof is needed; they are just blisters that do not leak so we flatten and seal them. Sometimes the problem roof was poorly constructed to begin with. Maybe the pitch is off, allowing water to puddle. Eventually the standing water will find a way under your roof. Furring in strips to timbers to create a fall is structural and it may be better to replace the roof.

We have one rule at DM4 Roofing when we estimate the cost of a flat roof repair in Stockport; we will not be undersold. When we promise that we’re not talking about beating the price of some fly-by-night outfit with unbelievable prices. We do the job right, using quality materials as only experienced professionals can and we guarantee our work. Contact DM4 Roofing if it’s time for a roof inspection or if you’re already seeing signs of leaking. We don’t charge you until the repairs are completed. Our inspection and quotes are always free.