Roof Repair in Ashton under Lyne

Roof Repair in Ashton under LyneTile, slate or fibreglass roof repair in Ashton under Lyne undertaken by DM4 Roofing will extend the life of your current roof indefinitely. Tile roofs are long lasting. Often just replacing broken tiles from time to time is all that is needed to prolong the life of the roof. If you see tiles on the ground or can spot them on your roof, then an inspection is the first order of business. Ideally you will have your tile roof inspected annually for damage. If the inspection shows damaged tiles, we’ll find matching tiles to replace the ones broken or loose. You don’t want moisture working its way under the tiles so don’t give it chance. Slate roofs are practically indestructible. Usually the only problem is loose or missing nails which is easily fixed by re-securing the slate.

Your roof tiles and slates are only one part of your roofing system.  In Ashton under Lyne, roof repair components to consider also include the gutters, soffits and chimney flashing. Storms and high winds can catch an edge causing damage that puts your roof at risk for leaks. The whole roofing system needs to be included in the annual roof inspection. These annual inspections make your insurance company happy because they would rather pay out for repairs from storm damage rather than a complete new roof. At DM4 Roofing we work with most insurance providers. If it is decided that roof repair is not sufficient then count on our expertise for a replacement roof.

Flat roof repair in Ashton under Lyne are more frequently needed than pitched roof tiles and slates. There should be enough slant to the flat roof for water and debris to roll off but so often it’s just not there due to poor installation. A roof that has cracks and pooling may be repairable. We would seal the cracks with bitumen and apply felt patches to damaged areas. Coating the surface of the repaired roof with reflective paint  will create a barrier from the elements that will extend the life of your roof. Contact DM4 Roofing for a roof inspection and quote on any needed repairs. It’s not worth the risk trying to make the repairs yourself. We have the safety training and equipment to carry out repairs and the experience and product knowledge to get it right the first time.