Roof Repair in Failsworth

Roof Repair in FailsworthRoof repair in Failsworth is not something to put off until tomorrow because odds are better than even that it will rain tomorrow. We are an established local roofing company that specialises in tiled, flat and slate roofs. In addition to roof replacements, we have a very busy roof repair service. A roof leak does not mean your building needs a complete tear-off and new roof. More often than not, a professional repair will extend the life of your roof; maybe for years. The average roof is usually good for about 20 years but that’s not an absolute. The main factor that influences the life of your roof is maintenance. If your roof is ten years old and you’ve never had it inspected, even after severe storms, it might not make it to twenty years.

Call us to inspect your roof once a year and after severe storms and your roof is likely to see 20 years of usefulness but probably even more. For homeowners in Failsworth, timely roof repairs will extend the life of your roof by stopping potential damage from loose tiles, small leaks, water back-up in gutters, missing chimney flashing and rotted fascia. When we do a roof inspection, we’re looking for the weak points in your roofing system that can turn into major repairs or total replacements. Once water finds its way to the rafters, the wood begins to rot and left untreated, the damage will continue to expand. Even so, we can often still make the necessary repairs that will add years to your roofs life.

Sometimes we have to cut out a whole section to complete a roof repair in Failsworth. Replacement of the timbers and underlayment to stop the spread of moisture is necessary but that’s still cheaper than replacing the whole roof. Regular inspections are key. One good storm accompanied by high winds can damage a perfectly solid roof. That’s why we recommend a roof check after storms. You might not notice the damage until it’s too late but our inspectors will. A lightning strike or a tree branch through the roof means emergency roof repairs are needed now. Contact DM4 Roofing and we’ll make emergency repairs right away and schedule permanent repairs. Whatever your roofing needs, we have you covered.