Roof Repair in Prestwich

Roof Repair in PrestwichSo often we don’t think about our roof repair in Prestwich until one day it gets our attention. You may be mowing your lawn and find roof shingles on the ground. Or during your yearly attic clean out you notice water stains on the rafters. If your roof is low enough you may be able to see tiles are lifted in certain sections. Check back in your records and find out how old your roof is. If it’s over fifteen years old, call us at DM4 Roofing for an inspection. Chances are some roof areas will need attention. The good news is a timely roof repair can extend the life of your current roof, delaying the need for a complete replacement. Eventually the roof will need replacement but keep it in good repair and maybe that expense will fall to your successor.

DM4 Roofing is your full service roofing contractor for all types of roof replacements, repairs and even guttering maintenance. In Prestwich, roof repairs from our company also include flat roofs. We at DM4 Roofing are specialist in flat roofs and as you may know flat roofs need close monitoring. You want to watch for dips where water build up can lead to leaks and cracking from old dry roofing materials. A flat roof is easier to monitor but really a homeowner or business owner should call us for a roof check and estimate for repair. We have the equipment to safely inspect the roof and we know what we’re looking for. Our estimates are always free and without obligation.

A roof repair in Prestwich can take you by surprise, particularly after a storm. At DM4 Roofing, we can handle your emergency repair quickly before more damage occurs or water seeps in. We’ll get it tarped right away to protect your home from the elements and when weather permits, we’ll carry out the repairs. Contact DM4 Roofing when you need a roof inspection before buying or selling a home to make sure the whole roof is in good shape or make repairs if needed. We have built our reputation on honesty, solid workmanship, and affordable pricing. You can price compare but we guarantee the lowest price and customer satisfaction.