Roof Repair in Stalybridge

Roof Repair in StalybridgeAll types of roof repair in Stalybridge are carried out by our experts. We have a well-earned reputation as trustworthy, honest and diligent craftsmen. We carry out essential roof maintenance and repairs in both domestic and commercial situations. Our weather is becoming wilder and we have noted that the storm damage has increased.  We can make a huge difference by checking your roof to establish how it will stand up to the wind and rain.  We will check and secure loose tiles and slates and ensure the gables and fascias are secure. This preventative work may save you a lot of money and ruined furniture.

If you have broken tiles and the rain is making your walls damp in Stalybridge, roof repair is your immediate concern. We also have a superb reputation with fitting or repairing flat roofs.  These can be a nightmare if you are not very experienced in flat roof weatherproofing.  Our highly qualified team have worked on many different types of roofs and can offer you the benefit of their experience when it comes to repairs or fitting a new roof.  We repair and fit guttering to roofs as this is probably the biggest cause of damp in a building.  When the gutter no longer removes the water efficiently it tends to overflow and collect next to the walls and even drenches the foundations.  The walls can then absorb the water and it climbs into the home leaving stains and allowing fungi and mould to grow.

We specialise in roof repair in Stalybridge. Contact DM4 Roofing today and let us offer you a quotation for your roof repair. We believe in offering an honest appraisal of the roofing problem and will not quote you for work that is not needed. We will discuss the various options with you and give you our honest opinion. We will take on even the most challenging project and take pictures of the faults so that we can point out the repairs that are necessary. Our free, no obligation quotation will favourably compete with any you received from a reputable roofing company. We have many years of experience in the roofing business and are considered to be roofing specialists.