Roofer in Manchester

Roofer in ManchesterDM4 Roofing is the professional roofer in Manchester you want to call when you need a roof repair or replacement. We know you have a lot of choices when selecting a roofer but we think there’s not much difference among most of them. At DM4 Roofing, we don’t want to be those guys. We have such appreciation for our customers that second best is not good enough for them in materials, craftsmanship or customer service. We deliver on our promise of first class service and workmanship at competitive prices. We will come out to give you a quote on your roofing work; one price and that’s what you pay on completion. We have all the certifications, safety equipment, insurance and know-how for your roof work.

We don’t rub our chin and shake our head while telling you how difficult your special roof work is going to be; that it’s unusual in some way; or it will be tough to match the tiles. In Manchester, roofer companies do that to groom you for the high price they’re going to quote you. They want you to believe the price is high because your roof is unusual and difficult. Our professionals at DM4 Roofing believe a roof is a roof and we can handle any job. Our comprehensive services include repair or replacement of pitched roofs, flat roofs and any combination. Slate, tile or shingles as well as GRP are all our specialties. Some specialise in one or the other. We don’t like to limit our potential even though it means a greater investment in equipment and training.

An honest roofer in Manchester is what customers are looking for and being that roofer is easier than all the hustle and bluff. We make you a promise when we prepare your free, no obligation estimate; we will beat anybody’s price value for value. Then we do the job for the price we quoted and guarantee the work.  It’s that easy to be named the most trusted roofing company in Manchester. We are very proud of that name tag. Contact DM4 Roofing when you need roofing work or advice. We offer emergency roof repairs so if a tree limb penetrates your roof during Saturday night’s storm don’t wait until Monday to call. Call right away so we can prevent interior damage.