Rubber Roofing in Ardwick

Rubber Roofing in ArdwickWe can provide rubber roofing in Ardwick for your home. This is a way of conserving water as the roofing membranes do not pollute the rainwater and it can be caught and stored. It is extremely resistant to heat and cold and can also tolerate diluted acids and alkalis. This makes it a perfect as a flat roof sealant where you need to make sure there will be no leaks in your roof. This synthetic rubber has all of the best qualities of rubber but is easy to apply and is far more durable. It is one of the fastest flat roof sealants to apply and saves a lot in time and money. It has been known to last for in excess of 50 years although the warranted life span is around 30 years.

There are a number of ways of attaching EPDM. In Ardwick, rubber roofing in conjunction with a slight slope will ensure your flat roof lasts for many years. Even if the roof is completely flat the membrane will not leak. One of the best methods is the combined polyester fleece backing membrane with hot melt adhesive technology which provides consistent bond strength between the fleece backing and the membrane. This largely eliminates shrinkage and allows it to stretch up to 300 % and move with the building through the seasons and temperature changes. The fleece improves puncture and tear resistance.

When you need a reliable flat roof finish we provide rubber roofing in Ardwick. Contact DM4 Roofing today and make sure our visit is the last you will ever need for your flat roof. Flat roofs are notoriously difficult to make leak proof but we find that our rubber roofing is equal to the task. We will inform you of the state of your roof and will offer you an affordable solution to your problem. We will not try to scare you into having an expensive re roof done on your home when it does not need it. We have many year of experience in roofing of all types and will work on pitched as well as flat roofs.