Rubber Roofing in Manchester

Rubber Roofing in ManchesterWe are specialists in fitting weatherproof rubber roofing in Manchester where it is invaluable as when used in roofing it does not contaminate the water. This is a very durable roof and can flex where necessary.  It is UV resistant as well as fully waterproof when correctly applied and will resist most types of damage. If it sustains a hole from a sharp pointed object it can easily be patched. The installation needs to be done with the correct fittings to stop it from shrinking over time.  There is a very high-quality rubber roof which is fleece backed and resists shrinkage and is the correct choice for a large roof.

A flat roof can cause problems with leaking. In Manchester, rubber roofing can prevent all leaks when correctly installed.  This takes experience and a company that has a proven track record.  We are proud of being able to solve any roofing problem both with pitched roofs and flat roofs. Our prices are very reasonable and our team of workmen are experts in their field. We will be totally honest with you regarding the various options you have to fix your roof.  It may be necessary to remove the old roof and re-roof the property.  Often, if a flat roof leaks, the timber underneath it has started to rot and needs replacing.  If the leak is caught quickly the roof may just need patching.

Our special, cost-effective rubber roofing in Manchester is applied in a sheet. This very popular flat roof protection is easy to install and only costs a little more than a traditional felt roof.  Contact DM4 Roofing today and see how we can extend the life of your flat roof. A well-fitted rubber roof can easily last up to 50 years.  This is almost 3 times longer than a conventional felt roof. We have many years of experience in all types of roofing and flat roofs are our speciality.  We will check the slope on a flat roof to make sure there is a slight incline to allow the water to run off. This makes it perfect for anyone who has a system of rainwater collection.