Rubber Roofing in Salford

Rubber Roofing in SalfordPrevent leaks and create a more impenetrable seal with rubber roofing in Salford from the specialists. As Manchester’s most trusted roofing company, DM4 Roofing is proud of its reputation for integrity, reliability and workmanship. We provide honest, genuine, cost-effective solutions to all your roofing problems, devoid of hype or creating alarm and fear. Our trained, experienced, expert team can handle any type of roofing issue, whether it’s a new build, restoration, renovation or repair. Our customer-base extends throughout the Manchester region, neighbouring areas and beyond and covers both commercial and domestic clients. Roofing services that we provide include dealing with flat, pitched, tiled and slate roofs. If you need emergency roof repair services, our experts can give you the right information and advice. You can take the right decision based on this.

For property owners in Salford, rubber roofing provides excellent prevention of leakage for flat and low-pitched roofs. Traditionally, shingles made from ashpalt, wood, stone, or slate provided the covering for roofs but they may not be very effective in preventing entry of moisture and water. In the long run, this can lead to damage of the inner structure and your interiors too. “Rubber roofing” as it’s commonly called may be made of either rubber, PVC, plastic or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer material). Though rubber roofs are much more cost-effective in the long run, they have to be properly installed. It’s important that you entrust the job of installation to a certified, experienced and licensed professional. The product is lightweight and can be glued into place, without any heating process, avoiding adverse effects on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Installation is very fast and easy, so labour cost and time can be saved.

Most rubber roofing in Salford can be laid in a single piece, avoiding gaps and seams. This makes leakage almost impossible. For more information about how we can ssist you with rubber roofing, contact DM4 Roofing. Rubber roofs can last for a long time if maintained well. They can be painted over with acrylic coating once in 10-12 years for best results. Rubber roofing is available in a variety of thicknesses and you can choose the right one based on location, climate and pitch of roof.