Rubber Roofing in Stockport

Rubber Roofing in StockportIf you’d like to know more about rubber roofing in Stockport, DM4 Roofing is glad to provide the right information, advice and assistance. Rubber roofing, or EPDM roofing as it is known in the trade, is one of the most popular options for flat roofs. EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, with M referring to its classification in the ASTM standard) is also known as rubber membrane roofing, or rolled rubber roofing. It is manufactured from a mixture of recycled tyres, sawdust and slate powder and is one of the cheapest roofing options available today. The material has very inert chemical properties which provide excellent resistance to weathering, making it a durable and tough product. It is commonly used in seals, O-rings, glass run-channels, radiators, garden and appliance hose and tubing, pond liners, and washers.

Being a versatile product, EPDM is used extensively because of its water resistance to both fresh and salt water, and it also withstands ozone, UV and oxidation. In Stockport, rubber roofing has gained popularity because of its excellent weathering properties and ability to withstand temperature variations. Hence it offers a great solution when you want a long-lasting, sturdy, low-maintenance roofing product that will look good for a very long time. Rubber roofing can last up to fifty years if it’s given a little care. In time, felt roofing may attract algae and moss but your rubber roofing doesn’t support the growth of these. You’re assured of a clean roof round the year.

Rubber roofing in Stockport is also favored because it is lightweight and installation is quite fast and easy. EPDM is an extremely cost-effective material when compared to other roofing products. It can withstand hail and very high winds. The product is glued into place instead of using heating. It’s important to have it installed by an experienced and expert technician, otherwise you could end up with problems of leakage, or damage. Usually, rubber roofing is laid in a single piece, reducing the need for joints and seams. Contact us for more information, advice and assistance. Repairs are similarly fast and easy, and the roof requires very little maintenance.