Dormers are a popular form of extension. Home owners with available attic space now seem to be opting for dormer loft conversions on a regular basis.

Maybe due to the character and aesthetic value the sloping ceilings bring, as oppose to the standard box effect you get with a side, front or rear extension to your home.

As well as the aesthetic view from inside a loft conversion it's just as important that the same is true from an external point of view, and that the dormer is incorperated into the existing roof and blends in with it's surroundings.

There are a number of options to achieve this, with either hanging tiles, slate or even upvc cladding being used.

The Marley plain tiles (small tile) come in a variety of different colours and textures, that can easily be matched to any tile you presently have on your main roof.

If you have a slated main roof and wish to slate your dormer, It's not usually too difficult to get a near identical match to the slate you will have on your home.

With cladding however, it will be more difficult to achieve any sort of colour match to anything you have on your roof and is usually just another option to go with when deciding how to finish off your dormer.

We are experienced in all 3 of the above types of dormer work and will always strive to make them fit in with your property as best we can.

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