This was an enclosed GRP flat roof in Handford, Stockport with an inlayed rainwater gully with lead welded outlet point. With all flat roof systems, the more water you can remove from the roof surface will always add to the longevity of your flat roofs lifespan. By installing roof firrings… Continue Reading GRP Flat Roofing in Handford, Stockport

A 4 layer GRP Flat Roofing system we fitted in Hale. The old felt roof and underboarding were removed and new 18mm OSB3 boarding, kickboard (on the pitched roof to sit beneath tiles/slate) and angled internal perimeter OSB boards to avoid stretching of the GRP Fibreglass matting right angles cause,… Continue Reading Bay GRP Flat Roofing in Hale

This was a GRP Fibreglass roof We fitted in Heald Green, Stockport. As with all GRP systems We install, the boarding We use is always OSB3 8×2 interlocking T&G boards, writing side upwards. We have been to quite a few GRP roofs that haven’t been installed no more than a… Continue Reading GRP Flat Roofing in Heald Green, Stockport.

This was a GRP Fibreglass Roof in Tameside to a single storey extension. We fitted the preformed trims to rear perimeter and fibreglassed front gully section. We then fibreglassed the full flat roof area. Once cured we gave the roof a light sanding and added the first of two topcoats,… Continue Reading GRP Roof in Tameside

This was a small GRP Flat Roof we installed in Stockport, on a kitchen extension with a front inlayed gully. We fitted all preformed trims to the perimeter and soon to be roof lantern and a lead welded outlet point and baseplate into the gully section. We then bangaged all… Continue Reading GRP Kitchen Roof Extension in Stockport

This was a grp flat roof we did on a timber framed construction. The roof was decked in OSB boarding with an inlayed gully running around the outer perimeter. We also fitted a lead welded outlet point in the front corner. Trims were installed to the perimeter and around the… Continue Reading GRP Flat Roofing Reddish

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