About Dormer Tiling

A Tiled Dormer is a nice feature to any attic conversion, giving it a rich feel, and can be made to blend in with the roof around it, if the tiles on both are correctly chosen to match. With a few colour choices to choose from the size always remains the same: 10 inch x 6 inch, with pre-made corner sections that are made in left hand and right hand variations, and are fitted sequentially course by course up the corner to avoid lap on lap of the tiling.
The leadwork to any tiled dormer is quite vast so take this into account when undertaking one. With lead needed around the bottom perimeter and the top perimeter of the dormer and beneath any window cills on windows that are to be fitted once the tiling is completed.
As well as Tiling a Dormer there are other options that can also be used, like Slating if the roof around it is a Slate roof, or just cladding in UPVC shiplap cladding which will suit any roof and can be done in a variety of colours, from basic white to Anthracite grey.