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Dry Verge

Looking for a roofer to fit new a dry verge or ridge on your roof?

We have been fitting dry verge/ridges on roofs for over 25 years throughout Greater Manchester.
Get in touch today, we offer a no oligation quote, we dont charge call out fees or have hidden costs.

About Dry Verge and Ridge Systems

Installing a Dry Ridge and Dry Verge system is now an essential part of any reroof or newbuild roofing project, whether on a tiled or slate roof it is another clean and maintenance free part of your homes new roof. No More debris falling onto your vehicles, lower roofs or conservatories causing untold damage. And no more having to repoint or rebed your gables or ridge once the mortar inevitably fails in the years ahead.
Another added bonus to this system is you should be able to extend your roof guarantee by around 50%, as the constraint on guarantees was always dependent on the expected 10 year lifespan of any mortar installed on your property.
The more mortar you can eradicate from your roof the better, even installing dry valleys if your property has valleys. This mainly applies to Tiled roofs though, as Slate roofs sit pretty flush onto your valley lead and has such needs no mortaring at all. The only other section of your roof left that has mortar should just be your chimney stacks, both the brick pointing and the mortar flaunching on top that holds your pots in situ or caps off your chimney top. But has part of your reroof guarantee this can be negotiated on a different timeframe to your new, fully dry, mortar free roof installation.