GRP Flat Roofing Didsbury

GRP Roof in Didsbury

This was a simple grp flat roof we undertook in Didsbury, Manchester. OSB decking was initially installed onto the roof spars and fixed in place, before we fitted a combination of preformed trims to suit the roofs fall and purpose, with wall fillets and gutter trims as standard, but with raised edge trims to the rear and side of the roof to help funnel the water down to the front gutter. All corners and laps were then bandaged with activated liquid resin and fibreglass bandage matting. We then installed our 1st layer of the grp system, 2 resin coats, either side of the sheet roll fibreglass matting, pad rolled to push the resin coats together through the matting. Once cured we sanded the whole area and installed the 1st of our activated topcoats. On the 2nd day we fitted our preformed grp flashings and added a further layer of activated grp topcoat to complete the 3-layer grp system.

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