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When you enter into the process of purchasing a property, a Homebuyers Survey will be requested and undertaken on your behalf to check the condition of the building structure and the condition of the roof. More often than not, the roofing side of the survey can be left a little lacking, left more to guesswork or viewing from either the attic space or from any vantage point the surveyor can view the roof from, usually down below at pavement level. What then tends to happen is the survey will cover anything and everything to cover themselves from any future issues and a potentially disgruntled buyer. But at times it can read like a horror story and may end your interest in a property you really liked and had your heart set on.

Our survey includes

At DM Roofing, we will carry out a full roof inspection on your behalf, with video footage so you can see exactly what we are seeing. We will check the overall condition of the roof and point out any broken, missing or slipped slates/tiles, and the potential for any further issues with the roof system. We will also check the condition of any chimneys and leadwork on the property, along with a full check of your rainwater systems and make sure they are working correctly. Basically, anything the original surveyor couldn’t reach we will survey and hopefully put your mind at rest. We will then provide you with a written report, highlighting any issues discovered, and then along with your input, and if we decide necessary, a quotation of the repair plan needed to remedy any problems found on the survey.

How Much Does a Roof Survey Cost?

The full package, based up to and including a 3 bedroom semi-detached home is – £180.00 (all inc’). And this covers video footage of the roof, a written roof report and quotation for any repair work required. Note, that properties of a larger size can be assessed and priced accordingly, but we will always strive to keep the costs within a reasonable budge.