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  • The OSB3 boarded roof for this grp fibreglass was already in place as part of a flat pack new build construction.

    A front rainwater gully had been constructed with a central rainwater outlet point by the contractor before our arrival on site. We installed a lead welded rainwater pipe on a baseplate, and fixed to the gully boarding. we then installed all the preformed grp trims to the outer perimeter of the roof and also around 2 skylight constructed into the flat roof system. Once all the perimeter and skylight trims were fitted and fixed in position we then bandaged all the joints and corner sections using a fibre glass bandage roll and activated liquid resin, and allowed this to then hard cure before sanding to a smooth finish. We then began the installation of the grp system to the main flat roof area, gully and around the 2 skylights, using fibre glass sheet roll matting and activated liquid resin, and once hard cured we gave the entire area a light sanding ready for the topcoat Activated liquid topcoat (dark grey) was then applied to the entire flat roof area, skylight and perimeter trims and given a 24hr curing period, before another light sanding of the whole area was undertaken and a 2nd coating of activated liquid topcoat was applied to the entire roof and perimeter trims.