Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Greater Manchester

Say goodbye to your leaking roof, and call DM Roofing to deal with your roof repairs. Serving Greater Manchester for more than 25 years now, our roofing company is the best option you can find. Our roofers are highly trained and professional in dealing with numerous roofing issues. We keep the weather outside by offering you long-lasting and professional roof repairs. Apart from that, you won’t feel a burden in your pockets because we are affordable too.

About Roof Repairs

More often than not there is always something that can be done to prolong the lifespan of your roof, whether that’s a few slate repairs, new leadwork to a chimney, a flat roof repair or even replacing a leaking gutter union.
With a Slate roof we can always tell when your roof is getting to the final stages of it’s life though, and this will be evidenced by previous attempts at securing your Slates back in place using lead tags.
Leadwork is the bridge between your roof and any brickwork your property has. For example, chimneys and parapet walls. Without it your roof will not be watertight and with old tired lead the same can said to be true.
Gutter maintenance is an essential part of your home and even a leaking gutter union can cause damp on your external walls that can soak through to the inside walls and show on your plaster. This can then even affect your floor joists, making them damp and weakening their solidity. All this from something as seemingly insignificant as a leaking gutter.

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