Tiled New build Roof in Bramhall

Tiled Roofing Bramhall

This was a new build roofing project in Bramhall, Stockport. Done in Marley Plain (Acme/Rosemary) tiles. The construction of this roof was quite intricate, with angled gable ends front and back on one side of the building, 4 valleys front and back (8 sides in total), 2 piked roofs and then a straight gable end that cut into a GRP flat roof we were also installing on the property. We installed Tyvek breathable felt to the whole roof area, along with coloured tile battens. We then fitted code 4, 15″ lead to the valley sections, laid on a breathable felt base.

The Acme plain tiled roof was then fitted, cutting up the angled gables and valley sections and around the flat roof construction, with lead soakers fitted to eventually joint the 2 roofs together and keep totally watertight. The new capped ridge was then fitted on a bed of sand/cement mortar with no visible pointing showing.

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